The group

La transformation SI maîtrisée. L’innovation passionnée

Controlled transformation. Enthusiastic innovation.

Created almost 40 years ago, the Infotel Group is now a major European player in the field of corporate digital transformation. A leading provider for Key Accounts’ IT and Business Departments, Infotel is able to draw on its considerable functional and technical expertise. Infotel maintains core values of excellence, commitment and quality. The Group helps clients to manage their digital resources, offers IT support and provides their teams with advice and innovative ideas. Specialized in end-to-end digital transformation, Infotel co-constructs transformation plans, co-designs upgrades, creates roadmaps, manages in-house process changes and oversees agile operational action plans. It has expertise in the Banking, Insurance, Retirement, Industry, Transport and Public Sector fields, which is backed by the strength and innovation of its R&D teams. A software publisher, Infotel supplies a whole range of products for the major servers in Europe with Insoft-Infotel, as well as in the USA and worldwide. Currently, the Group is active in the UK, the Benelux countries and Monaco. Infotel Business Consulting, its subsidiary specialised in AMOA for the banking and industrial sectors, completes the Group’s broad range of coverage. The Infotel Group is quoted on Euronext Paris – Compartment B.

The managerial team

Bernard Lafforet


Chairman and CEO

Michel Koutchouk



Josyane Muller


Chief Financial Officer

Eric Fabretti


Deputy CEO