Forecast for 2011: Good visibility associated with vectors to improve profitability

Forecast for 2011:

Good visibility associated with vectors to improve profitability

Bagnolet, 16 September 2011

“Despite the macro-economic climate which surrounds this return after the summer, Infotel saw a particularly dynamic first half of 2011 and published good results. ” says Bernard Connes-Lafforet, Chairman of the Infotel Group.

“The first six months of the year were punctuated by several facts: firstly, our two activities, Software and Services, won back commercial success and were well focused. We created services desks, both for customers in the industry sector and in services, such as banking-insurance. We also opened a new agency in Lille to supplement our national coverage. In parallel, we are accompanying our customers abroad, in Europe and in Asia, more and more and with that same sense of proximity and quality that has always been our mark. ”

“This growth dynamic required a strong recruitment plan and subcontracting, which temporarily weighed on the operating margin. It rose 8 % above our annual target, but the dynamic triggered allows us to be optimistic about the future: the extending of our software range, the acquisition of Insoft Software GmbH in Germany, and the expansion of our subsidiary Infotel Business Consulting are vectors that will improve profitability, which will bear fruit during the second half. In short, we have good visibility to achieve a turnover of €120 M in the year, associated with an improvement in profitability in the second half as opposed to the first six months of the year. ”

Next meeting:
Publication of Q3 turnover: 20 October 2011 (after trading)

About Infotel

Listed on Compartment C of Euronext Paris since January 1999 (ISIN code FR0000071797), Infotel is an expert in database management and web applications. At the cutting edge of technology innovation, Infotel develops its expertise in two complementary divisions: IT services and high-tech software publishing. As part of its “Ambitions 2012” plan, Infotel has set itself two major goals: perform almost all service provision from its service desks, and become a front-line player in dematerialisation. In 2010, Infotel had a turnover of € 107.6 M.