Annual Turnover 2012: € 134.3M

Annual Turnover 2012: € 134.3M

+8.7% growth above market

Bagnolet, 30 January 2013

In a less favourable economic climate, Infotel published its turnover at 31 December 2012, with a growth of +8.7%.

In €M, at 31 December12 months 2012
(reported basis1)
12 months 2011Δ 2012
/ 2011
Turnover Services127.3116.29.5%34.632.2
Turnover Software7.07.3-3.6%1.72.3
Total Consolidated Turnover134.3123.58.7%36.334.5

(1) On a recurring basis: consolidated data including the turnover of Insoft Software GmbH (€1.23 M) acquired on 30/06/2011 and Empeiria (€1.41 M) consolidated from 01/01/2012

Good performance in Services in last quarter

At 31 December 2012, Infotel achieved a turnover of € 134.3 M, an increase of 8.7% compared to 31 December 2011, in a global market growing 0.7% (Syntec forecast). Activity during the last quarter also grew (+5.3%), with an increase in Services of +7.6%. For the year, the Group saw growth and maintained its position among key clients, in order to achieve critical mass in a very competitive climate.

Services (94.6% of turnover) displayed growth of 9.5%, € 127.3 M, on the previous year. Despite an increasingly difficult economic climate, the last quarter registered growth of 7.6%, thanks to the commercial efforts made during the period and the winning of new markets, in particular within mobile computing (e.g. banking on tablets).
The expansion of the Group’s service desks in the aeronautics sector also continued. A lack of visibility in other sectors remains.
The inter-contract rate was more significant than usual for the Group, particularly in west France.

Software (5.2 % of turnover) saw a slight decline of 3.6 %, €7.0 M for the year. The last quarter registered a drop in activity with a turnover of € 1.7 M, as opposed to € 2.3 M in 2011, mainly from less significant IBM royalties than expected.

Results forecast

Given the current climate and the desire to prioritise growth, the second half of 2012 will not make up for the loss in the operating income during the first half. Infotel expects lower operating income in 2012 than in 2011.

Confidence for 2013

Within this weak climate, Infotel remains confident for the coming year for both its lines of activity. The Group signed at the end of 2012 several contracts in the archiving area (for example, Thales and SMALS – Belgian social security) where the effects will be seen in the coming year. Furthermore Infotel has still a solid financial situation.
The Group unveil its goals 2013 and its strategic plan 2016 at the presentation of the annual results.

Next meeting:
Presentation of the annual results 2012 (SFAF meeting)
13 March 2013, at 8:30 am

About Infotel

Listed on Compartment C of Euronext Paris since January 1999 (ISIN code FR0000071797), Infotel is an expert in database management and web applications. At the cutting edge of technology innovation, Infotel develops its expertise in two complementary divisions: IT services and high-tech software publishing.