Accelerated growth in the 2nd quarter: + 14.1%

H1 2016 activity, up 10.4%

Bagnolet, July 27, 2016

Turnover (€ M, June 30)201620152016 / 2015 in %
1st quarter (January – March)47.1344.14+ 6,8%
2nd quarter (April – June)48.2842.30+ 14.1%
– Services46.2840.51+ 14.2%
– Software2.001.78+ 12.2%
Total 1st half95.4186.43+ 10.4%
– Services91.2382.28+ 10.9%
– Software4.184.15+ 0.7%

Solid growth in Services division

Revenues in the second quarter 2016 shows an acceleration of growth over the period to 14.1%. Thus, as a whole, the semester ends on a 10.4% increase of activity.

The Services division (95.6% of revenues) recorded a sharp increase in activity in the second quarter amounting to 14.2%. Over the half-year, the services business grew 10.9% to € 91.23 million.

This good performance is related to winning new projects (Socram, MACIF, etc.) and new referrals that will allow significant developments in the future, thanks also to the positioning in the Digital.

The Banking sector maintained its first position of activity for the division with 34.3% of sales. This position reflects the rise in major service centers load and new developments (i-BP, Banque de France, IT CE, BNP Paribas Personal Finance – Cetelem, etc.).

The intercontract rate remains very low at 2.3% for the entire semester. The number of recruitments rose to 170 over the period bringing a total of 1,405 employees at the end June 2016.

The Software division (4.4% of revenues) recorded a turnover of € 4.18 million, marked by good sales growth in Germany. The Group is continuing its prospecting policy for its business archiving in France and Europe, as well as its distribution efforts of software internationally.

Confidence for 2016

Infotel confirmed his optimism for 2016: revenues of around € 200 million with acquisition (s) while maintaining profitability.

Upcoming events:
Publication of half-year results: September 14, 2016 after market close
Investors meeting: September 15, 2016 (lunch)

About Infotel

Listed on Compartment B of Euronext Paris since January 1999 (ISIN code FR0000071797) Infotel is the Specialist of large accounts information management systems, from mobile to very large volume databases (Big Data). At the forefront of technological innovations, Infotel develops its expertise around two complementary poles: computer services and software editing. With over € 175 million turnover in 2015 Infotel has a staff of over 2,000.