Ensure the quality and performance of SQL Db2 applications

  • check
    Check that SQL Db2 applications respect your quality rules
  • evaluate
    Evaluate whether the data access paths are efficient
  • search
    Find the best index strategies
  • check
    Monitor the execution of Db2 queries

DB/IQ is a software solution designed to assess and improve the level of quality and maintainability of Db2 for z/OS applications before they get deployed in your production environment. DB/IQ automates the quality control process according to performance, maintainability and scalability criteria.

  • Quality checks
  • Package Management
  • Audit Db2 applications
  • Simulate data volume
  • Index optimization

DB/IQ analyzes and performs checks on all SQL code; whether in source form, in a DBRM resulting from the Db2 pre-processor, in all Catalog-based SQL (plans, packages, views, MQTs, triggers etc.) or as dynamically executed SQL.

  • Check the quality of any SQL code according to organization-defined standards
  • More than 350 quality rules are available “out-of-the-box” and can be customized according to your requirements and SLAs
  • Provide developers interactive quality control and full EXPLAIN functionality for all SQL statements
  • Alerts and possibly rejects programs that violate quality rules

Controls can be triggered on demand by developers, directly in their mainframe or Eclipse development environments, and automatically in batch mode during delivery procedures.

Getting started now

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  • Eradicates poor performing SQL
  • Establishes standards and guidelines for all Db2 applications, regardless of origin
  • Ensures 100% of SQL code delivered in production is compliant with your quality standard
  • Detects reliability and performance problems before they occur in production
  • Increases developers’ awareness by explaining the mechanisms of the Db2 optimizer
  • Reduces the size of your pre-production environments
  • Frees DBA time by automating code control task