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A solution for cost control and resource optimization

AutoSoftCapping, or ASC, automatically and dynamically adjusts your defined capacity level while ensuring the best quality of service, resulting in a lower Monthly License Charge bill.

Furthermore, ASC offers a user-friendly and in-depth web reporting to track activity and quickly identify opportunities for improvement. The combination of task automation and detailed activity monitoring frees precious time for your mainframe experts to focus on further, high value-added, activities.

AutoSoftCapping ensures the right MSUs are in the right place, at the right time, and for the right cost, resulting in an optimal fit for your company regardless of your mainframe priorities.

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Cost control and reductionHow AutoSoftCapping reduces your costs

AutoSoftCapping uses the IBM’s SCRT calculation system. Since the SCRT takes the lowest value between the DC and the R4H to calculate the average consumption, ASC’s algorithm was conceived to dynamically reduce the DC level of every LPAR, without impacting the service level.

Through dynamic adjustment of DC levels, AutoSoftCapping brings the overall average down and therefore the billing level, providing you with greater management and control over your Monthly License Charges.

Getting started now

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  • Reduces your MF costs through MLC reduction and resource optimization
  • Helps you comply with budget and Service Level Agreements (SLA) commitments
  • Provides you with an MSU baseline to renegotiate your IBM contracts or switch to Country Multiplex Pricing (CMP)
  • Easy to install and implement ensuring savings from day one: no service days needed
  • A return on investment of less than one year
  • A proven and widely deployed platform – ASC has been used in the field for over 10 years