Un Groupe pérenne et aux valeurs d’entreprise fortes

A long-established Group with powerful corporate values


Quality is an integral part of our corporate culture. Setting up a quality system respected by everyone is a strategic initiative enabling us to fully command the way we interact with our clients. The Infotel quality commitment involves:

A quality charter: 

To satisfy our clients, Infotel undertakes to:

  • listen to their needs and anticipate upcoming demands via an ongoing R&D program focusing on state-of-the-art technologies;
  • accomplish their projects from functional and technical standpoints;
  • exceed their expectationsin terms of recommendations, timeframes and performance.

To satisfy its teams, Infotel undertakes to:

  • realise their potential by offering initial and complementary training;
  • propel their advancement via attentive and ongoing managerial follow-ups;
  • stimulate their ambition and promotion via meaningful assignments.

To respect its environment, Infotel undertakes to:

  • respect regulatory provisions and in-house recommendations;
  • further its efforts to save resources;
  • encourage an eco-civic attitude for members of its workforce and subcontractors.

In short: We do what we can control and control what we do, with the aim of achieving excellence.


ISO 9001 certification: 2015

Quality Assurance and its backing by certification provide our clients and partners with an additional guarantee. This certification reflects our determination to drive our company forwards. It is the sign of recognition which reflects how seriously we take these issues.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification concerns the fields of software design, creation, maintenance and support with an undertaking to deliver the promised results.


ISO 14001 certification: 2015

Infotel engaged in a procedure which resulted in obtaining ISO 14001 certification in July 2011.

This certification confirms our commitment, as part of an ongoing improvement policy, to minimising our impact on the environment, our compliance with legal requirements and our conviction with regard to sustainable development.

The ISO 14001:2015 certification concerns the activities of developing, maintaining and supporting software with undertakings as to the results.



The ability to evolve, master new techniques, advance our practices, grow our business, better our procedures and improve our management. At the same time, we are also constantly adapting while remaining true to our other core values.



To respect our clients and members of our teams. We achieve this by playing by the rules, complying with lead times, staying committed and preserving the environment.



We achieve this by being close to our clients and remaining fully aware of their concerns. We aim to find the best solutions to their problems; maintaining close contact with our team members to give them the best possible chance of success.