Smart pilot for Db2 utilities

Smart Pilot

Ensure strong and reliable database performance by automating your maintenance strategy

Managing Db2 maintenance operations is a daunting task when hundreds of Db2 objects are involved, as is the challenge of optimizing maintenance costs when databases support heavy workloads 24/7/365. Typically, only experienced DBAs have the skills necessary to monitor operations in a smart manner. Qualified specialists could be better employed on innovation or in tuning existing databases. Intelligent automation is the key database maintenance optimizer that also ensures overall system performance and data integrity.

Getting started now

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Features extract

  • Intelligent and transparent utility piloting
  • Automatically defines the objects requiring maintenance
  • Automatically considers business constraints and cost analysis to establish the smart planning for maintenance operations
  • Supports Infotel & IBM Db2 utilities


  • Automates the management of Db2 maintenance utilities
  • Implements a maintenance strategy which takes your business rules and SLA into account
  • Only executes maintenance operations that will be beneficial
  • Monitors your system to adjust maintenance processes in real-time

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