Quality control for Db2 z/OS applications developed on Eclipse based environments

Monitor, explain and alert upon all dynamic SQL in your DB2® for z/OS® systems

Proactive control of developments taking place outside the Mainframe world

More and more Db2 applications are developed outside the Mainframe world. Integrating a Quality Assurance system directly in the distributed development environment makes it possible to control applications from the development phase, before their effective execution on the Mainframe and deployment at any other stage. Thus, developers can easily remedy reliability and performance issues before testing on the Mainframe and consuming unnecessary CPU. As a result, the level of quality will increase and development will be more efficient. Testers will find and report fewer anomalies due to poor SQL and will therefore have more time to test the business logic and new functionalities.

Getting started now

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DB/IQ has an Eclipse plugin allowing developers to control their SQL code on demand. This plugin is fully compatible with RDz® and any other Eclipse-based IDE.

Features extract

  • Check on-the-fly with more than 300 QA rules
  • Interactive quality control and full EXPLAIN functionality for all SQL statements at source statement level
  • Provides the SQL developer with a detailed EXPLAIN analysis, including support of hidden EXPLAIN tables
  • All SQL statements easily benchmarked together with their Db2 access paths
  • Data volume and scan magnitude displayed with all relevant optimizer statistics


  • Detect and fix SQL problems during Development
  • Control the quality of non-mainframe Development
  • Increase developers’ awareness by establishing programming rules and by providing clear detailed explanation of the Db2® access paths
  • Allow developers to control SQL code without leaving the Eclipse IDE

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Ensure the quality and performance of SQL Db2 applications
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