Exceptionally Fast Unloading

With its specific access method (native VSAM), InfoUnload reduces, by up to ten times, the unloading time of Db2 data.

A Simple operating mode

InfoUnload   InfoUnload

  1. Entry data consists of the tablespace tables or their Full Image Copy
  2. Generates one or more Unload files without conversion if necessary
  3. Generates one or more sequential unload files in user format
  4. Generates load command files
  5. Publishes an execution report

Getting started now

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Additional functionalities

  • InfoUnload is used to unload from:
    • a Full Image Copy
    • one or more partitions in parallel mode.
  • InfoUnload unloads data in sequential or VSAM files
  • InfoUnload unloads Db2 data in more than one file in a single execution procedure
  • InfoUnload authorizes, during unloading, access in either read mode or in read/write mode
  • InfoUnload unloads only the
  • selected rows and columns based on many selection criteria
  • InfoUnload is used to unload only the lines and columns necessary according to numerous selection criteria
  • InfoUnload exports data in the format chosen by the user, including non Db2
  • InfoUnload provides all sort possibilities for unloaded data
  • InfoUnload is compatible with the syntax of all market tools.

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