A Significant Reduction in Reorganization Costs

  • Ultra-rapid parallel reorganizations.
  • All necessary processes, run simultaneously, that are generally performed one after the other (Index reorganization, Full Image Copy, RUNSTATS)
  • With the help of a patented sort, developed by Infotel (Partial Index Scan), InfoReorg considerably reduces reorganization time

Furthermore, InfoReorg, by working outside Db2, significantly reduces the CPU and ELAPSED times needed for reorganization.

A Simple operating mode

inforeorg   inforeorg

  1. Tables pace and/or Index data is read to be reorganized. It is rewritten reorganized.
  2. A Before Copy Image may be taken
  3. Creates one or more Full Image Copies
  4. A reorganization notification appears in the Db2 catalogue
  5. Creates a catalogue update file for RUNSTATS data
  6. Publishes an execution report

Getting started now

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Additional functionalities

  • InfoReorg recreates, on reorganization, much more efficient compression dictionaries
  • InfoReorg adjusts the number of free pages around upgrade accumulation points in tables and/or indices.
  • InfoReorg dynamically allocates primary and secondary quantities required for Db2 objects

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