A Significant Reduction in costs during load times

InfoLoad performs:

  • much faster loading in a single step
  • parallel processing of several operations usually done sequentially (data loading, Index creation, Full Image Copy and RUNSTATS).

Furthermore, InfoLoad, by working outside Db2, significantly reduces the CPU and ELAPSED times needed for loading.

A Simple operating mode

InfoLoad   InfoLoad

  1. Entry data is checked and converted if necessary.
  2. The entry file can be an FIC.
  3. Loads table spaces and creates indices.
  4. Updates the Db2 catalogue.
  5. Creates one or more Full Image Copies.
  6. Creates a catalogue update file for RUNSTATS data and a file for rejections if necessary.
  7. Creates a Discard file.
  8. Writes an execution report.

Getting started now

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Additional functionalities

  • Loading part of a Full Image Copy directly loads a tablespace directly in another Db2, without prior unloading.
  • InfoLoad allows OBID translation, thus facilitating data transfer from table to table, or from Db2 subsystem to Db2 subsystem.
  • During loading, InfoLoad converts Db2 data from one type to another.
  • InfoLoad imports non Db2 data into Db2 tables.
  • InfoLoad sorts entry data according to the Index Cluster.
  • During sorting, the Infoload PRECHECK option controls data entry and avoids pointless loading of data where errors are detected.
  • Infoload produces one or more Full Image Copies during the loading phase.
  • While running, Infoload collects statistics (RUNSTATS) on the loaded data and generates un update file for the Db2 catalogue.

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