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Index Model is critical for Db2 performance

One of the most important factors in Db2 application performance is the index design. Poor index usage can ruin the application’s performance. Deciding which columns need indexing, and the order of concatenated keys, is a difficult task. Often it is pure guesswork, based on assumptions and the presence of certain columns in SQL.

Index analysis is a time-consuming and daunting task since it calls for reviewing individual SQL of an application for predicate usage and simultaneously taking business priorities into account. A time intensive process because all applications with reference to the target table being indexed have to be reviewed and weighted accordingly. Typically, only experienced DBAs have the skills necessary to design indexes for large applications manually.

When many thousands of queries are involved, an automated Index Administrator system is the only way of ensuring smart indexes.

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DB/IQ recommends the best index candidates based upon your current application SQL and system activity.

Features extract

  • Extracts and scans SQL to build a unique Repository DB, providing a quick cross-reference between application, SQL and column usage
  • Identifies potential index key column candidates automatically
  • Models Virtual Indexes automatically according to the optimizer and used predicates (option OOX)
  • Analyzes Index Impact, showing which index, application and SQL profit most and if any deteriorate from the new index
  • Influences Impact Analysis with QA’s run time execution statistics (execution frequency, CPU time etc.)


  • Improve Db2® application performance – let the Optimizer assist you with choosing the right key columns to index
  • Examine all SQL associated with a single table, whether Dynamic or Static, capture trouble-some SQL together with real execution statistics
  • Include non-executed SQL originating from applications that run infrequently for several hours
  • Clean up the Db2® Catalog by discarding non-required indexes, “same” or similar indexes with overlapping index key columns

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