Detects and corrects CPU crunchers

Monitor, explain and alert upon all dynamic SQL in your DB2® for z/OS® systems

Analyze application workload to optimize performance and CPU usage

With many-thousands of tables exploited by SQL queries, the ability of the performance specialist to effectively tune the application or SQL becomes virtually impossible. Developers and packaged vendors endeavour to provide a reasonable set of indexes for their applications, but optimizing the production often requires alternative indexes and very often far fewer. Such analysis is a time-consuming and daunting task since it requires you to review individual SQL of an application for predicate usage and simultaneously take business priorities into account. Administration and development teams often lack the specific information they require to make such critical decisions.

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DB/IQ provides a fast and easy solution to identify which packages and SQL are responsible for heavy workloads.

Features extract

  • Filters SQL Monitor data to display critical packages and SQL, e.g. execution frequency of SQL and/or package, elapsed time, CPU time, rows processed, stage I or II rows processed, pages retrieved, etc.
  • User-defined threshold values to locate packages and/or SQL statements with the highest-total, average or single Db2® elapsed time, CPU time, no. of scanned pages, exec counts, etc.
  • Detects critical objects by reporting which tables and / or indexes were the most frequently accessed and how.


  • Detects the top resourcing “crunchers” by analyzing complete applications and reducing their “workload“.
  • Captures traces for all SQL regardless of origin, both static and dynamic SQL, including QMF® or ERP packages.
  • Uses a very “lite” Db2 trace to locate the top “n” resources at alternative levels. Levels may be THREAD, PACKAGE, PACKSUM or SQL statements (static / dynamic or both).
  • Tunes critical SQL statements with DB/IQ QA.
  • Tunes critical indexes with DB/IQ IA+.

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