Cost-driven maintenance strategy

Cost driven

Ensure ‘return on investment’ with every single maintenance operation

iDBA-Online’s sophisticated algorithms are designed to perform maintenance operations only when there is a positive ROI for your applications. Every maintenance operation has a cost and not executing maintenance operations leads to increased resource consumption, risks and performance deterioration (disorganized data structures, poorly allocated storage space, unreliable capacity planning). iDBA-Online assesses these costs and impacts to ensure that each maintenance task has a positive ROI.


Cost-driven maintenance strategy

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Features extract

  • Smart Db2 utility management planning
  • Cost-benefit-analysis for every maintenance task
  • Automated Db2 utility execution: Reorg, Backup, Load, Unload, etc.
  • Web-based monitoring interface


  • Determines the smartest planning for your Db2 maintenance operations
  • Ensures REORG and BACKUP are only performed where and when they will actually make a difference
  • Reduces Db2 maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary operations
  • Automatically analyzes system statistics and costs to ensure ROI for each utility job
  • Automatically and dynamically monitors the execution of your Db2 utilities

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