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How to keep a clean and efficient Db2 catalog

Binding a Db2 package converts the pre-compiler DBRM into the Db2 interpretable format. The output unit of the BIND is called a package. A consistency token is copied from the DBRM to the package at this point. At execution time, this consistency token is checked against the consistency token of the load module.

Although packages were introduced many years ago, the problems of LOADLIB / DBRM and Db2 Package Management are not addressed by any standard Db2 utilities. In most enterprises, the problems remain totally unsolved or have been partially solved for internal use-only.

Getting started now

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DB/IQ solves the problems of LOADLIB, DBRM and Db2® package management and ensures system integrity

Features extract

  • Eliminates superfluous Db2 collection package versions with no matching load module / CONTOKEN.
  • Detects DBRMs with no current Db2 package version, DBRMs with no valid executable load module and Db2 load modules without matching DBRM / package versions.
  • Create DBRM members or libraries from Catalog packages.
  • BIND Avoidance feature that test if a BIND is required by comparing the new DBRM to its last version.


  • Cleans up the Db2 Catalog by discarding non-required packages.
  • Avoids all -805 / -818 potential problems by determining “inconsistency“ between DBRMs, packages and load modules.
  • Cleans up all “explain” tables for all users.

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