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How to visualise technical debt and why This is a question that comes up very often within teams: should we estimate and add up the technical debt in terms of velocity? The answer is not so straightforward and, as scrum master, all eyes may well be focused on you to provide some words of wisdom. … Continued
Agility, safety and biomimicry. How will Agility evolve?   After more than 50 years of development, what does the future have in store for the Agile approach? Will we still be talking about Agility and Agile values 20 years from now? Although we cannot provide reliable answers to these questions, we can still put forward an … Continued
Number of places: for 15 participants Preparation time: about 1 hour Level of difficulty: Difficult Teaching agile specifications Applications are always supplied with product documentation, the component that lasts longer than anything else. Although the technologies involved can undergo many changes over time, the documentation remains the project’s legacy. However, in Agile, where specifications must … Continued