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Klésia – service centre

Infotel ensures the maintenance of "Life and Health Insurance" management systems by ensuring high levels of service

Maintaining insurance management systems

Klésia was created in 2012 from the merger of the Mornay and D&O groups. Since then, Infotel has been providing the maintenance of the ‘People Insurance’ management systems inherited from both groups, providing high levels of service.

The scope covered 40 applications and 6,500 components in the following fields: company data repositories/personnel, salaries, recovery/litigation, health, welfare, commissioning, risk management & social initiatives.


  • The service centre processes ongoing application status developments (from the initial expression of needs to production), corrective maintenance, treatment of production incidents and also production monitoring.
  • The team supports projects related to the application scope as well as assistance to Product Managers and users.
  • An on-call system can be set up on demand.
  • Infotel provide expertise services, together with service management and steering.


Proud of a partnership lasting almost 20 years

I set up the TMA in 1999, and over time a genuine relationship of trust has been built up between the customer and us. After all these years, the team still shows its original 300% involvement! It's complicated, because we rarely have sufficient overview of the work ahead, but because we are all aware of the image and financial impact this can have on Klésia, we remain flexible and alert at all times.

Project Director
Fabrice Normand


  • MVS / UNIX / Cobol / CSP / PL/SQL / FORMS / DB2 / Oracle / PostGreSQL / CICS / Java JEE / Spring / Hibernate / Junit / Maven / WebSphere

Success factors

  • As functional experts, we have been able to build on our expertise over time
  • This has enabled resources to be pooled across all the areas we cover
  • Our greatest strength lies in the lasting interrelationship of quality, proximity, understanding and consulting