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Infoscope – Reducing the technical debt

Infoscope, decision-making dashboard and IT project management facilitator

Controlling the quality of business applications

An insurance company, the subsidiary of a group specialised in providing insurance, wants to control the quality and maintainability of its business applications whose development has been outsourced to different ESNs.

Context and issues

  • Preserve technical control of back-office applications for which development has been outsourced
  • Control the quality of the deliverables produced by the subcontractors
  • Guarantee development maintainability
  • Manage the relationship with subcontractors
  • Contractualise quality requirements with subcontractors
  • Implement a factual, impartial and repeatable quality assurance method.

Solutions provided

The Infoscope platform has been deployed to assess the quality of the development and application maintenance projects assigned to subcontractors.

specific evaluation model has been implemented to incorporate the specific requirements and quality rules the company demands of its subcontractors.

The concept of Technical Debt has been chosen as the Infoscope dashboard’s main indicator.


  • Technical Debt dashboard
  • Automated software deliverable quality control
  • Detection of non-conformities compared with the quality standard
  • Highlights differences from previous versions / analysis
  • Collaboration on common quality standards and assessment method.



The expert's viewpoint

We used to ask a third party to conduct an annual audit of our back office. Now, thanks to Infoscope, assessments can be carried out in real time. This enables those involved in the projects to have immediate and fact-based feedback via the dashboard. The end result is that now, everyone can easily measure the impact of the work they have contributed.

Application domain manager
A. D.


Cobol, Java, .net, C# and PL/SQL