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European Patent Office – multi-project service centre

Supporting EPO in its business challenges

A 20-year partnership

The EPO – European Patent Office – is the body that oversees patents filed throughout Europe. Since 1973, the EPO’s main activity has been to examine patent applications and grant European patents.

Infotel’s role is to help the EPO meet its professional challenges:

  • The interpretation of non-structured data within a limited time frame.
  • Increasing staff members’ productivity when working on time and resource consuming tasks.
  • Optimising professional processes


The scope of activity covers the management of patent and scientific literature, bibliography and full-text databases, management of the NPL matching database (automatic pairing process for scientific literature) and the automatic translation of patent documents by ML. GNMT, as well as management of EPO websites. This includes the institutional website as well as intranet and extranet sites.

Many services are provided including production monitoring, corrective and evolutionary maintenance, technical-functional analyses, consulting, customer relationship monitoring and functional documentation.  Projects are managed in Agile mode.

Success factors

Key factors of success lie in the ability to adapt, meet customer needs and put forward proposals for innovative developments. This means constantly seeking opportunities to improve productivity and develop an R&D activity to improve quality.

This project involved managing the service centre on the client’s site in the Hague and the Infotel remote sites in Bagnolet and Lille


The expert's viewpoint

The DOPS service centre has managed all the European Patent Office ETL procedures associated with its text databases (patents and scientific literature) for more than 15 years. In this capacity, the Infotel teams have built up specialised expertise appreciated by the EPO which enables Infotel to stand out from rival IT companies working with the Office. With this acquired expertise, the DOPS team mainly focuses on improving existing applications (ongoing improvement) with a view to completely updating them in the next few years (data migration on DB2 to MongoDB). As a result, the DOPS CDS primarily stands as a source of functional and technical expertise essentially operating in an advisory capacity for the EPO.

Project managers,
Christine Dumont and Jean-François Guérin


  • DOPS
  • Java / Javascript / WS / Angular JS / DB2 / MongoDB / Cobol
  • Machine Translation
  • Java / Javascript / Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT)
  • Web Publishing Services
  • Lenya, IBM WCM, PHP, Javascript

Infotel’s added value

  • Sustainable relationship built on quality, proximity, attentiveness, advice
  • Close collaboration with the other Infotel service centre for the EPO: Mougins (FR), Newcastle (UK)
  • Capitalising on our expertise
  • Pooling resources
  • Functional expertise of the EPO’s activity
  • Technical expertise in J2EE and Big Data