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Automotive french group – Connected services operator

Development of a new activity as a connected services operator for a French automotive group

Calculating eligibility with AI

In 2017, a leading french automotive manufacturer launched an ambitious programme that would act as a framework for the operation of a global eligibility management system. The aim was to facilitate the efficient marketing and through-life support of vehicles and services, taking their respective diversity into account, up until 2020 and beyond.


The program is designed to support the development of a new connected services operator offering, complementing the existing economic engine based on the assembly and sale of vehicles.

This applied artificial intelligence (AI) program is responsible for calculating eligibility and updates for future mobility services, in all cases where the question of eligibility arises, whether technical, commercial, legal or regulatory.

It must be implemented by 2020 when new generations of connected vehicles will begin to appear.


Infotel has defined a system based on knowledge (known as an expert or cognitive system) that will meet the Group’s need:

  • An AI computer programme capable of implementing expert level skills based on a body of knowledge – a Knowledge Based System (KBS).
  • The knowledge base of the future program will bring together knowledge from activities needed to calculate eligibility.
  • It uses the Semantic Web for its application infrastructure.


An expert's viewpoint

Our experience of "semantic web" technologies, as well as our extensive familiarity with the automotive industry has enabled us to work as closely as possible with our client to meet its needs in the development of the technological solution related to this project. One which involves very high financial stakes for the PSA Group.

Project manager
Christophe Scavo


Application 1

  • Ontology management
  • Edit, Publish, Manage and Version Ontologies
  • Extract and integrate knowledge

Application 2

  • Database
  • Support an RDF repository based on program’s ontology

Application 3

  • Reasoning engine
  • Reason, federate queries, edit and apply rules on a knowledge base
  • Provide a unified and well-argued answer to any query

Environment and technologies

  • Protected – Mongo DB – Apache – JENA


  • Client’s Project Director
  • Infotel project manager
  • Infotel Functional analyst
  • Infotel Technical designer
  • B&D Functional architect