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Bordeaux City Council – Upgrading the internet portal

Infotel has carried out Third Party Application Maintenance of the portal in order to provide citizens with an efficient and responsive web portal

Maintaining an efficient web portal for Bordeaux’s residents

The Bordeaux City Council entrusted Infotel with the Third Application Maintenance of the portal so the city’s population can enjoy the benefits of an efficient and responsive web portal.


  • Apart from the maintenance of the portal, Infotel remains involved in redesigning of the site and improving the mobile version, with a focus on UX/UI Design
  • Development carried out in the offices of the Bordeaux City Council, managed via a weekly meeting with the communications team
  • Website maintenance and Open Agenda integrated into the portal


The expert's viewpoint

Development of quality is our core concern at Infotel, must be online 24/7 to serve the City's population and we'll continue to work with the Council to deliver a great experience for the portal's users./7.

Project manager
Emilien Douzon


  • Project director
  • Project manager
  • Full stack developer
  • Digital content manager
  • E-com service manager


  • Java /JEE
  • Spring
  • Content management: Jackrabbit
  • Jetspeed
  • Css


  • Redesigned diary section and portal organisation for swifter response and improved user experience
  • SEO improvement and improved search engine visibility