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BNP Personal Finance Portugal

Assistance to BNP PF Portugal in the implementation of agile methods within its organization

Supporting BNP Personal Finance Portugal in the implementation of agile methods

As part of its digital transformation plan, BNP PF Portugal wanted to implement agile methods within its business divisions, and its IT department.

The company’s executive committee needed to understand the impact Agile will have on its structure and procedures. It wanted to train its business and IT teams in the Scrum method and set up an Agile pilot project, coaching them from initial concept right through to implementation.


Infotel developed and delivered strategic approach to setting up the adoption of Agile methodology within a complex organisation. This involved:

  • Training the operational teams (specialists and IT) for the roles of product owner and scrum master.
  • Defining, designing and coaching the implementation of a pilot project using the Scrum method.
  • Getting feedback from the pilot project and assisting the general management in its transition towards Agile operations.


The expert's viewpoint

On paper, transition to the agile seems accessible, but in fact, it profoundly modifies all the operating methods of a conventionally non-agile company: the organisation, internal procedures, working methods, environments and team management. In short, an agile transition will take time to become sustainably embedded into a subsidiary's day-to-day life.

Director of the Digital OAIO Consulting Agency
Florent Rudolf


  • To support BNP Personal Finance in its transformation into an Agile Scrum model, we conducted 5 days of awareness and training sessions about the agile for over 40 in-house staff members.
  • During this training, 2 days were devoted to the role of product owner for the marketing and business people, and 2 days to the role of Scrum master for project managers and developers.


  • Definition by the general management of a pilot project to be implemented in Agile mode
  • Designation of the team and clarification of the roles and responsibilities of each member
  • Building a prioritised backlog and writing user stories
  • Setting up the entire organisational, methodological and technical framework for the development of the pilot project