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BNP Paribas – Connectivity Hub

Infotel maintains applications that collect telematic flows transmitted by companies

Maintaining a connectivity hub for BNP Paribas

Since 2004, Infotel has maintained the applications for BNP Paribas that collect telematic streams uploaded by businesses. These streams received on the server are supported by a CFT transfer monitor to send them to the CTI. The flows are then checked for processing (file formats received, telematic remittance authorisations and signature control).


  • Technical maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Scalable maintenance and related projects
  • Level 2 alert on sensitive components, 7/7 operational alert from midnight-8am and from 6.30pm to midnight on working days and 24-hour coverage on other days
  • Service steered and controlled by 10 service commitment indicators dealing with the handling of incidents, the time required to quantify changes, the time taken to cover costs and success rates


  • Reception of businesses’ telematic flows
  • BNPNet Entreprise and BNP Paribas
  • SWIFT network
  • EDIFACT feed
  • Handling of foreign money transfers

Success factors

  • Full command of the technical and functional environment
  • Proven methodology for activity monitoring and management, incorporating knowledge maintenance and backups


The expert's viewpoint

As the leading European player and third-largest in the Cash Management business, at BNP Paribas we use two strategic international assets to ensure our clients always enjoy superior service. Fully aware of our commitment to quality and availability, Infotel staff members have been working with us on a day-to-day basis for the past 15 years, providing the Bank with this high added value activity. Their professionalism, level of skills and commitment makes the partnership with Infotel a genuine guarantee, ensuring we can meet both current and future challenges.

Manager of BNP Paribas
Stéphane Leloup


  • 4,500 J/H in 2017
  • 10 applications
  • Sums exchanged: 180 billion euros/month


  • z/OS / IMS / DB2 / Middelware / GOAL / Cobol
  • AIX, Linux, Java, Oracle, CFT