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BNP Paribas CIB – MyCollat

Project to develop in Agile mode a tool for sharing information on commodity transactions for BNP CIB

Designing a responsive real-time information exchange platform

MyCollat is an Agile development project for an information sharing tool designed for raw material transactions.

Background and issues

Infotel was asked to design a responsive real-time information exchange platform for commodity traders (Traders, Banks and warehouse keepers). The project team needed to:

  • Reduce informational asymmetry by applying block chain technology on which the instruction and confirmation processes are based
  • Raise awareness among BNP teams of the Agile Scrum framework as part of an international project (Mumbai, London, Geneva and Paris)
  • Provide support to the client on functional issues and UX/UI.

Solutions provided

  • Collaboration and Co-Design with the BNPP Trade Finance Commodities partner clients (end customers and warehouse keepers).
  • Adaptation of planning, organisation and processes to reach the target of the MVP, bearing in mind the milestones defined and the fact that teams are spread across different countries.
  • Communications and marketing mission to clients/prospective clients in the sector during the Commodities day event in Geneva.


The expert's viewpoint

Our role involved supporting the BNPP in setting up an innovative MVP based on Blockchain technology. This was a project full of challenges in terms of methodologies and organisation that also called for a significant upgrade in skills related to the latest technologies. We were able to set up the agile framework from the very beginning with some adaptations (due to staff members being spread over 4 different countries) using specific tools such as Beekast for Demos and Retros. In terms of the objective, the various co-design sessions with BNPP's corporate clients enabled us to consolidate all the needs as well as guarantee the usefulness of the application over time at the very least. In this context, following availability of the MVP, we conducted corporate client training and on-boarding sessions in Geneva (Switzerland) and Trieste (Italy). This allowed us to collect their feedback, their feelings and impressions to further improve the product a little and meet their expectations. MyCollat was a broadly comprehensive 100% digital project combining UX / UI Design, agility, innovation and implemented in an international context; a great experience for Infotel.

Product Owner
Sylvain Bidet


Infotel’s expert team consisted of a project manager, Scrum master, UX/UI designer and a proxy product owner.