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Banque de France – MVS Service Centre

Since 2010, the Banque de France has entrusted the development and maintenance of its MVS applications to Infotel

Streamlining maintenance efforts

Since 2010, the Banque de France has entrusted the development and maintenance of its MVS applications to Infotel with the aim of streamlining maintenance efforts to reduce costs. The relationship has also allowed Banque de France to focus internal resources on projects and the development of new applications.


  • Collection, analysis and provision of information on non-financial companies
  • Rating of companies and individuals
  • Collecting payment incident reports
  • Managing reminders with companies, credit institutions and Registries
  • Operational management of non-financial companies


  • Carrying out fixed-price projects
  • Evolving maintenance
  • Technical specifications
  • Performing/Unit Tests
  • Qualification/Internal receipts
  • Hot and cold corrective maintenance
  • Project Director / Manager Operational Assistance
  • Studies and technical migrations
  • Production monitoring


The expert's viewpoint

The MVS service centre is conducive to work and personal growth. I joined the team 8 months ago and was immediately assigned to the most experienced project managers or application managers as supervisors. There is always a positive, helpful atmosphere here, which allows projects to move forward efficiently. Any criticisms made by the project leaders are always constructive, which is an incentive to work hard and be involved in everything rather than keeping a low profile. Project management is active and keeps the teams stimulated all the time. Right now, I'm able to act on my own initiative and continue to learn as I become more self-confident and efficient.

Madeleine Meffre


  • Intranex emulator – TSO
  • Eclipse – JIRA

Teams and workloads

  • 8,000 man-hours in 2017
  • An average of 40 team members in 2017

Success factors

  • Resource mutualisation between applications
  • Organisation with a Front Office on the client’s premises and a Back Office in Lille
  • Use of performance curves / PACBASE maintenance
  • Sustainable relationship: quality, proximity, attentiveness
  • Measured service quality (indicators, client satisfaction surveys)