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AXA – non-regression test automation

Design and development of POCs for non-regression test automation

Automated non-regression test for the AXA Group’s application showcase

Infotel is Supporting AXA in the implementation of TNR automation on Web targets lacking an existing automation base with a focus on reducing the cost of non-regression testing campaigns.


… for an application project

  • One run per day in Agile is carried out with an automated report due to lack of time for manual verification.

… using automation

  • Design and development of Proof of Concept – POCs – tools to validate automation capacity according to the application and various technologies involved
  • Once the choice of tools has been made, the “automation driver” batch should be defined


  • Load typology defined according to test cases
  • Items to check, defined in association with functional issues
  • TMR given priority, initially to automate definition with functional issues
  • VB development and configuration
  • Progressive automation across the rest of the field


The expert's viewpoint

With my client we wanted to automate the non-regression testing of the group's mobile app shop. I used my experience with other technologies to set up the first automated tests using mobiles and tablets. This gave us lower hardware costs (number of Smartphones needed to test), lower human cost (execution time) and improved audit quality (no human error checking).

Automatisation Consultant
François Douilly

Methods and technologies

  • Jamo
  • Appium
  • Perfecto: tool for performing remote tests on multiple targets
  • Perfecto + UFT: management of devices lent by Publishers through purchase of licences
  • Selenium
  • Choice of generated language: VB, Java, C#

Project team

  • 1 Project director
  • 1 Project manager
  • 3 Tester analysts