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Institutional – Business analysis

Modernization of processes and tools in an administration

As part of the development of its new master plan, the major issue the institution is currently facing is to modernise its administration’s processes and tools.

Context, challenges & solutions

The aim is to intensify the user experience and equip its 2,500 civil servants with centralised and even more efficient tools.

The solution lies in working closely with the various stakeholders to define the optimisation and modernisation they expect. The changes are included in a virtuous circle of ongoing improvement.

This approach involves specialised or transversal confirmed consultants. Depending on the purpose and context, we implement conventional PMI project methodology or, on the contrary, a more agile solution.

The various projects

Functional analysis

Assistance with preparing markets

Project implementation, monitoring of achievements, sharing, centralisation, control and coordination of all activities

Creation of a single repository, common to all departments

Support for change and assistance for the Teams and Departments concerned

Support for administrative departments and those they administer.

Tools deployed

Drafting of documents required for awarding contracts, analytical documents and documents communicating needs.
Drafting of revenue plans and income according to previously defined plans.

Recording revenue.
Setting up a tracking table and business glossaries.
Monitoring tests to be carried out for checking correction implementation, production of user documentation and instructions for use.


Methods and Technologies

PMI methodology
MSProject, Visio, Bugzilla


2 experienced consultants providing technical assistance for the last 3 years.