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Armoney – Third party Application Maintenance

Continuous improvement on tooling/traceability, test strategy, management and organisation, automation and rationalisation as well as advice for GIE Armoney

Continuous improvement and governance

Since 2015, Armoney has entrusted Infotel with an ongoing improvement process covering tooling, traceability, testing strategy, management and organisation, automation and rationalisation as well as providing guidance on these areas.

Context and issues

The GIE Armoney – a GIE Project Manager between Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and Oney Bank, specialised in testing in a money-oriented field, has had Third Party Application Acceptance (TRA) software since 2011.

This activity has the advantage of absorbing the recurrent revenue activities such as No Regression Testing and TNR, with each software version upgrade.

The business areas concerned are electronic banking, authorisation, compensation, recovery, card manufacturing, litigation, fraud and finally, contact-less features (Near Field Communication – NFC).


  • Acquisition and maintenance at a high level of technical and functional knowledge
  • Implementation of a test repository in the Squash tool
  • Implementation of a test strategy
  • Structuring of test tools, automation of tests in simulators
  • Creation of common foundation documents
  • Charts and organisation (HR, process, tools, etc.) focused on quality
  • Interaction / communication with the client for better support, to meet expectations in terms of quality and objectives.


The expert's viewpoint

The project that has impressed me most is the direct connection with Visa International at the authorisation stage in 2014. The Visa and CB protocols are completely different, calling for complex transcoding. This has huge impacts. We can imagine a customer holding a Visa card that cannot be used to pay a hotel or restaurant bill on the other side of the world or a merchant whose EPT cannot register a payment with a Visa card.

TRA Project Manager
Estelle Bressan

Methodologies and technologies

  • Roadmap with the Management
  • Automation opportunity surveys
  • Graph creation
  • Tools: SQUASH/JIRA
  • Simulators: Kanest / MasterCard
  • Software packages: Stecard / Powercard
  • Banking networks: CB/ VISA/MasterCard

Project resources

  • 1 project director
  • 1 project manager
  • 3 test analysts