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Arcsys – Electronic archive with probative value

Arcsys combines criteria of economic performance, state-of-the-art compliance in archiving with probative value and the ability to offer a shared archiving service

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Building a shared archiving service for AXA

AXA uses Infotel’s Arcsys software for its electronic archiving service with probative value.

Context & issues

The aim is to build a shared archiving service for AXA group subsidiaries, guarantee the evidential value of the archive data, ensure the regulatory and normative compliance of the archiving protocol and meet the various group archiving needs, which are :

  • Regulatory archiving : accounting, invoices, tax data, etc.
  • Documents involving commitments : contracts, proposed terms and conditions, etc.
  • Application decommissioning
  • Archiving on demand

Solutions available

Arcsys software has been deployed in a high availability environment to serve all the archiving needs of the various AXA entities. The various interfaces and connectors have been implemented to automate data transfers from business applications. In the end, more than 120 applications are archiving service clients and nearly 100 archiving chains are launched every day.


  • Industrialisation and control of archiving processes
  • Compliance and security
  • Scalability
  • Reduced archiving costs


The expert's viewpoint

Arcsys was selected on the basis of economic performance criteria, state-of-the-art archiving compliance and its ability to offer a shared archiving service across the AXA group.

Key figures

40 entities using the archiving service
120 payment applications
26 TB of archived data per year
110 TB of managed archives