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AIRBUS – iTOP deployment in ITSM

Support for Airbus Infrastructure towards open source

Simplifying and streamlining tools for use with iTop

Since 2015, the Airbus Infrastructure Department has turned towards open source.


The choice was made to adopt the iTop solution of the COMBODO editor to implement the infrastructure components’ CMDB.

The project promoted the emerging Open Source ITSM solution, iTop. It consisted of defining the convergence roadmap to a single CMBD with all infrastructure departments and simplification of the inherent processes.


  • An appraisal of existing solutions and convergence towards a unique iTop solution
  • Definition of the common repository (CMDB)
  • Several hundred thousand assets in the solution
    • Front Office (PC, workstations, printers, Smartphones and tablets)
    • Back Office (Webservers, storage, virtualisation, etc.)
    • Connectivity (mainly networks)
  • Development of a mobile version of the application for use by on-site technicians (barcode scan to update the CMDB in real time during an intervention)
  • Swift development (delivery of weekly, monthly and quarterly versions)


“For the past two years, as part of the ‘Airbus goes open (source)’ initiative, Infotel has been working on deploying the iTop solution to simplify and federate managing the CMDB and assets at Airbus. This project, conducted in Agile mode in a ‘start-up’ entity within the company, aimed at simplifying and streamlining the many tools developed by different teams so that they could be used with the iTop solution. Infotel audited, analysed, rationalised and integrated the iTop solution in “platform” mode. This allows barcode entry interfaces for the physical inventory as well as a ‘contained’ mobile application dedicated to Airbus which takes security issues into account. The essential aspects of the project were completed in 4 months, after which the team switched to OLS mode and “ongoing improvement”.

The expert's viewpoint

From a technical point of view, Infotel set the tool's parameters, extended developments and significantly enlarged the volume capacity (adding 500,000 elements, links and a large connected population) required to modify some of the product's key functions to optimise its performance. The solution is operational, connected to Remedy ITSM to power this tool's CMDB, fulfilling its goals of agility and streamlining.

ITSM Technical Director
Jean-Jacques Coste

Innovative methods and tools

  • The creation of an “Open Source iTop Start-up” within Airbus to set up a non-hierarchical organisation and benefit from simplified processes (particularly access rights to servers)
  • Work in Agile mode with very fast deliveries in short sprints


  • iTOP, Tuleap, Pentao, Dig Dash, Jenkins, Git, Gerrit, Sonar, PHPUnit, Apache jMeter, SeleniumHQ, test fonctionnel, Eclipse Luna 4.4 with PHP Development, RedHat Enterprise Linux 6, PHP 5.3, Apache 2.2, MariaDB 10Ressources


  • 1 Consultant (ITSM, Master Plan)
  • Team of 10 engineers/developers in Agile mode using a StartUp approach