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Airbus – Infrastructure transition management

Infrastructure transition management for Airbus

Supporting the transition to a new IT supplier

In 2014, the Airbus department in charge of the back office management of its IT infrastructure changed its supplier.

An ‘end-to-end services’ approach emerged, breaking with the previous contract based on a logic of unitary demands. This required the unification of several service contracts and providers, delivering a consistent approach to suppliers and IT elements.

This led to a transitional management project in preparation for issuing a call for tender, choosing the new supplier and monitoring the transition.


Preparing the call for tender

  • Audit of the documentation as well as the CMDB
  • Census of all Airbus partners and service providers

Involvement in the choice of subcontractor

  • Help in defining the selection criteria

Monitoring the transition

  • Support of all cross-functional services involving the new entrant : Data Center, Monitoring, Scheduling, Storage, Backup, DOD, webhosting, remote display, model, performance and security
  • Participation in defining the transition plan with 7 sub-projects over 1 year
  • Improved CMDB (repository) data quality and documentation (audit)


The expert's viewpoint

The scope of the Airbus project was incredible. Infotel supported a transition involving 700 applications, 2,500 Databases and 15,000 items of hardware.

Project leader at Infotel
Emeric Banfous

Methods and technologies

  • Interviews with the various directors of the Airbus IT system.
  • Workshops by theme with the new suppliert to build the transition plan