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ACPM – Affitrack, certification tool

Development of a tool to control advertising broadcasts in just three months

Successfully delivering Affitrack in 3 months for ACPM

The challenge was to develop a tool capable of monitoring advertising delivery in just three months.

The tool would need to certify the delivery of outdoor digital advertising – Digital Out-Of-Home or DOOH – which concerns digital advertising displays in urban environments, such as shopping centres and airports.


Infotel developed Affitrack in its entirety within the timeframe and is now overseeing the project’s maintenance and upgrades, such as the development of new log import integration modules.

Encouraged by these successes, ACPM launched a new project to add several new functionalities to this application in early 2018 (statistical dashboard, administration screen, etc.)!

Affitrack consists of four applications

  • Web application: tracking file submission and processing, campaign progress display, certification viewing and export and user management
  • Web Services application: files submitted by REST (Representational State Transfer) web service
  • Batch application: file processing (database registration), parsing of files (aggregation of display by campaign and day), consolidation of display data by comparing agency and control data, regular data and file purging
  • Batch monitoring web application


The expert's viewpoint

The Affitrack project has been a success in more ways than one. From a functional point of view, this is a world first: monitoring and certifying advertising displays on DOOH screens by an independent organization. [...] From a technical point of view, the choices made by the Infotel team were relevant and focused on modern technologies. [...] In organisational terms, the choice of agile Kanban was ideally suited to the project's constraints: a short-term project (3 months), modifications of specifications and incremental deliveries. Finally, from the CMPA's point of view, all expectations were completely fulfilled. As its partner, Infotel is working with the CMPA to upgrade Affitrack in 2018 with the aim of incorporating many new features and provide this certification tool with greater exposure.

Project Director – service contract manager
Jean-François Guérin


  • ACPM does not yet have Java development architecture, so each application is built on the Springboot framework and packaged as an executable jar with its own Tomcat server. Spring Data JPA made it possible to simplify writing access to the PostgreSQL database
  • Thymeleaf, the HTML templating framework, was chosen for its simplicity of implementation and good integration with Springboot and Bootstrap, making it the obvious choice for web page formatting
  • Infotel adopted an Agile methodology, Kanban, for the project
  • Spring Batch was chosen to implement batches, and Spring Batch Admin to monitor them
  • NGINX, the free web server software, was used in front of the web server.


  • To complete this project successfully, a small team was created consisting of a project manager, an architect, a lead developer and a team of four developers
  • Self-sufficient and dynamically adaptable to meet client requirements, the team worked in Agile mode, holding daily meetings and managing tasks with a Kanban board