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Accelerating digital transformation for a banking group

Deployment and animation of an Agile governance for the digital transformation of a banking group

Accelerating digital transformation with Agile

Infotel was challenged with implementing agile governance to facilitate digital transformation.

Context and Issues

The Banking Group is speeding up its digital transformation with the deployment of agile for all its divisions, from marketing to IT.

This project involves and is sponsored by the IT department; stakeholders and business management. The product marketing department is also involved, where the PO‘s and the “OPS” infrastructure managers work.

The long-term objective is to operate in agile end to end, from the initial outline to marketing products and services.

The solution

The degree of Agile maturity varies according to the department, and each one has its own methods of reporting and its own type of governance. Successful transformation depends on the ability to create a shared vision, language and governance approach among the stakeholders.

The project was carried out by two Agile consultants and consisted of creating and deploying a new method of reporting within the IT department in Agile mode, as well as a common governance approach covering all activities. At the same time, governance bodies are being encouraged to help IT teams and other departments to create a common language.


Ils témoignent

The expert's viewpoint

Digital transformation requires the ability to bring together all stakeholders around a common language and operational standpoint. Our approach is based on immediate operational implementation with the teams and the adoption of ongoing improvement to define a solution with high added value.

OAIO Digital Consulting Agency Director
Florent Rudolf


  • Operational in POC mode and adopting ongoing improvement to set up reporting and governance teams to progress based on feedback from participants.
  • The project lasted 8 months.