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Public sector

The French public sector is changing rapidly. The amount of investment in IT is increasing and the institutions of the sector wish to modernise

Driving modernisation and improving legacy systems

Public sector services across Europe are going through a period of fundamental change. The volume of investment in Informatics is growing and the well-established players in the sector are seeking to upgrade the systems which are at the heart of this transformation. Most IT spending in this sector is currently devoted to financing the maintenance and interim improvements of existing systems.

Making business processes more efficient and modernising customer relationships are key priorities for the industry. Infotel is helping clients to meet the challenges of modernisation, i.e. dematerialisation of public services and the digitisation of administrative documents.


The European Union has clear goals when it comes to dematerialisation - aiming to to simplify everything that must be and digitising everything that can be.

Business unit director
Christophe Cerinotti