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Managerial positions

Management professions

The role of a project manager and/or director

Project managers organise and lead a project from beginning to end. They assume responsibilities for different phases, from the translation of users’ needs into functional specifications and techniques, right through to user delivery or the start of production. They guarantee applications’ technical qualities and ensure that the objectives and timeframes have been respected.

Your responsibilities as a project manager

Inspired by the best practices of the V-Model and scrum methodologies, you will manage all aspects of a project:

  • Defining project scope (planning, budget and risk management)
  • Managing the team (between 5 and 15 people)
  • Managing project quality (drawing up documentation)
  • Understanding client needs (aftersales)
  • Managing client relations (functional and technical aspects)
  • Planning and organising tests and technical recipes
  • Being the project’s technical advisor.

Your responsibilities as a project director

You will report to the agency manager, provide the link between the sales department and its teams, and focus on four aspects of the project:

  • Managing projects in “multi-project” mode (monitoring commitments, budgets, planning, delivery quality, etc.)
  • Taking part in pre-sales missions and growing sales
  • Managing teams (mission appraisals, support and coaching, allocating tasks and monitoring activities, etc.)
  • Supervising all phases of one or several projects (from analysis right through to launching production).

Your experience and training

For a project manager

You must be able to provide evidence of having already worked on a first project management assignment in the Java JEE or Mainframe environments.

For a project director

You must be able to provide evidence of significant experience in managing major projects (involving lump sums subject to achieving ambitious results). You also have advanced technical and team management skills.

Your education should be the equivalent of a BA+2 years: BTS SIO, DUT in IT, BA +3 years (Degree in Information Technology), or a BA+5 years (University Masters or specialised Engineering School qualification specialised in IT).

Your interpersonal skills

These positions call for the ability to grasp an overall picture and look ahead, intellectual curiosity, independence, high stress resistance, pragmatism, responsiveness and dynamism.

You are very good at interpersonal relationships, ready to listen to others, possess good organisational and planning skills. You are also thorough, with a sense of priorities as well as a good team spirit.

Project directors need the ability to explain complex technical subjects, diplomacy, commercial awareness, thoroughness and a methodical approach. You are also able to take tough decisions and have an ability to motivate, drive and stimulate teams so that they understand projects’ priorities while at the same time maintaining a good working atmosphere.

Your technical skills

For a project manager

  • Good overall IT culture
  • Ability to understand the impacts system information architecture have on the project
  • Knowledge of project management procedures and methods (planning, budget, indicators) and certain PMO tools (MS Project)
  • Command of mobilisation tools and methodologies (UML, Merise, etc.)
  • Technical knowledge making it possible to provide support to developers (depending on field of technical skills).

For a project director

  • Good IT culture including a command of the architecture and operational aspects of the company’s Information Systems, the application development chain, IT infrastructure and software or ERP integration (integrated software packages)
  • Excellent awareness of the professional field of application concerned by the projects in question
  • Command of the project’s management tools
  • Good management skills.


Automatic process of loan request and the simplification of KYC "Know Your Customer".


  • Improvement of KYC and the onboarding of new clients with automatic identity verification thanks to intelligent ID document processing on the web or in an application.
  • Acceleration in the dealing with requests for loans and mortgages: process and automatic classification of new documents, extraction of information and validation of data points.
  • Fraud prevention and respect of rules: automation of compliance requirements on contracts, financial documents and ID documentation.
  • Easing and simplification of the consumer spending comprehension: classification of bank transfers from the study of receipt and invoice item data.


Automated process of scientific papers and other documentation linked to the registering of a patent for intellectual property.


  • Recognition and automatic indexation of fields for a precise search among the documents relating to the patent application.
  • Standardisation of the documents with online specifications: bibliopraphy, expired patent, renewed patent, etc.


Automatic processing of receipts, bills and other financial documents.


  • Automisation of the accounting process: declaration of VAT, supplier bills, etc.
  • Standardisation and harmonisation of the business accounting processes.
  • Improving data security with the deletion of manual errors and with the synthesising of controls.
  • Contribution to the reduction in fraud risks, à la réduction des risques de fraude, reinforcement of operational security, audit trails and internal controls.
  • Support in the change management and accounting teams on the appropriation of this new solution.