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What are UX and UI?

What are UX and UI

The terms of UX and UI designer are becoming more frequently used in the world of computing; but all too often we use one of these activities to designate the other.

UX for User Experience / UI for User Interface

UX/UI design is, above all, the integration of the human factor into product or service design processes. When a physical or digital object is concerned, the UX / UI designer’s objective is to facilitate interaction with the end product. It strives to ensure the user always enjoys optimal usability, comfort and experience.

How do they differ?

From a UX point of view, the designer relies on objective data as much as possible. As for UI, this refers to a more subjective view, since it focuses on aesthetic qualities, individual taste and colours.

The collection of objective data is carried out by the UX researcher via activities such as analytics, questionnaires, interviews with users, user tests, etc. This step is characteristic of UX design methods that are based on psychology, cognitive science and sociology.

User experience is also connected to the UX strategy. It is based on a marketing vision designed to offer relevant solutions to users and potential customers.

The UI dimension focuses on the design of graphic elements to optimise user decision-making. The designer focuses on visual consistency by making sure the product’s universe is in line with the brand identity. By means of an interface, s/he also brings animations and interactions into line with each other ahead of the integration phase.

The design process

Currently, digital projects are an integral part of virtually every company’s marketing strategy. Developing a positive image on web and mobile platforms is a vital asset for any brand; a guarantee of quality that drives customer confidence.

Within the context of a site makeover or mobile application development, the project team and stakeholders all have a role to play.

Designers are asked to understand customers’ real expectations and fine tune product orientation accordingly.

What’s it like working together?

To make sure the design phase runs smoothly and efficiently, UX and UI must work together. The resulting collaboration contributes to facilitating and translating user needs into concrete solutions; a combination of expertise to optimise both the design and the entire interactional process.

The 3 main process phases

1-The research phase (UX)

  • Analytical phase for improved understanding of the market and existing issues
  • Definition of target profiles and personas: first name, age, residence
  • User interviews and / or user testing
  • Defining the strategy

2-The prototyping and ideation phase (UX)

  • Definition of the user path and feature specification
  • Sketching
  • Wireframe design (structure of different screens)
  • Interaction between the UX designer, the team and the client

3-Prototypes forwarded to the U I designer

  • Prototype design
  • Interaction interface simulation
  • Deliverables prepared for integrators / developers