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Mobile project management

Apps or webapps are designed and co-designed with teams, engaged by design thinking methods

Delivering ‘all mobile’ solutions

Infotel has developed expertise in steering mobile projects to meet the ongoing shift towards‘all mobile’ solutions.

OAIO, the Infotel Digital Consulting Agency, creates apps and web apps that are co-designed with teams dedicated to using design thinking method and a focus on user experience.

We create prototypes by using specialised skills (UX, UI and designers) as well as testing and optimisation by iteration. Projects can be incubated in our POC factory, providing our customers a return on experience within a few weeks.

The OAIO guides its clients through their digital transformation whether it is an internal process or involves their end users. Our approach leads to mobile projects that perform better, are more agile and more fully integrated.

  • 22POCs inspired by design thinking
  • 55co-creation workshops led by UX/UI
  • 123development sprints in Agile Scrum


As the Digital Agency's operational director, I guide our clients through their digital transformation. The design and development of successful mobile services represent OAIO's core expertise. Day after day, we demonstrate that our agency's 360° approach leads to mobile projects that perform better, are more agile and more fully integrated.

Operational director at the OAIO Digital Consulting Agency
Florent Rudolf

Methods and Technologies

  • A strategic framework for the Mobile Factory project (users’ expectations and targets, promise, planning and budget)
  • Co-design of the Mobile Factory with the project team (design thinking): visual identity, the Factory’s values, organising workspace layout
  • Development in agile mode

Success Factors

  • Establishment of an innovation initiative and technological watch
  • Setting up change management and communications workshops
  • Coaching of the dedicated or technical teams (UX/UI, agile method)