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Data governance

A major player in Big Data technologies, Infotel has more than 30 years' experience in database management, which is the Group's DNA.

Increasing the value of data

Infotel has substantial experience and expertise in managing databases – it is in the Group’s DNA. We help you enhance the value of your data and optimise your production cycles with big data technologies.

Orlando Tech Pubs

Orlando Tech Pubs is a piece of electronic documentation software using Big Data technologies.

Available both on the cloud and as a mobile app, Orlando is designed for airlines, aircraft manufacturers, engine suppliers and equipment manufacturers as well as servicing, repair and operating professionals. This unique solution manages the documentation for various manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing as well as covering many other fields such as flight OPS maintenance and airline manuals.

Orlando covers the entire documentation chain (storage, editing, publication, distribution and consultation), allowing users to be more efficient and make savings.

Furthermore, the application’s ergonomics allows users to be trained quickly. Orlando’s functionalities also make it possible to save a great deal of time when producing documents; up to 90% faster than other solutions during the process of automatically updating customer manuals to incorporate changes made in the manufacturers’ manuals.

After two years of development and several months of commercial prospection, the Orlando system has now been on the market since January 2018. Find out more at

  • 11projects
  • 110terabytes of archived data
  • 5million documents processed


Infotel's experts have been able to optimise very large DB2 databases on Mainframes, either in data administration teams, or in development teams.

Infotel can process data flows stored in Big Data distributed warehouses in real time and has made the transition to portable languages such as Java and progressively transfer the data to open systems.

Project director

Methods and Technologies

  • Big Data, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive analysis, Security, SIEM, Archiving, CMS, TechPubs, Datawarehouse
  • Informatica, TeraData, Talend, BO, Elastic, Mongo, Qlikview,Tableau, Hadoop

Succes Factors

  • Powerful technical knowledge of the field (Big Data White Book, Data 360 offering)
  • Capacity for investing in R&D
  • Key partnerships (Elastic, Mongo)