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Application portfolio management

Infotel has been supporting companies for nearly 40 years in the management of their IT assets

Entrusting information systems to an application

APM (Application Portfolio Management) enables a company to entrust some or all its information system to an application.

Infotel helps you with the various procedures involved in APM via service centres, third party maintenance or application solutions to:

  • Control and reduce maintenance costs (improve budget management)
  • Maintain your critical applications’ operational conditions
  • Facilitate the management of resources and/or infrastructures
  • Improve service standards with respect to SLA’s and clients’ KPI’s
  • Refocus in-house teams on strategic projects
  • Transfer technical responsibility
  • Control, identify and reduce the technical debt
  • 800FTE
  • 14Service Centres
  • 2200management applications


Changes in technological use has brought about higher expectations among users who want more than just a response to their IT anomalies. Infotel offers added value, in both technical and functional terms, as an integral part of our Service Centre offering.

Project director
Patrick Granier

Methods and Technologies

  • Our agencies and service centres are located close to our clients’ sites
  • TMAalready hosted in our service centres (such as Nanterre), allow us to benefit from sharing established systems and infrastructures, as well as making the most of existing tried and tested procedures and methodologies
  • High levels of security at our service centres

Key Success Factors 

  • Skilled staff members with a broad range of competencies enables them to swiftly respond to our clients’ needs.
  • Using the Infotel quality system is a guarantee of our services’ quality, allowing us to extend the best practices implemented in one centre to all our other centres
  • A management system making it possible to respond at the highest level within the shortest time
  • The presence of technical experts (architects and lead techniques) on the platforms