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Agile and testing training

OAIO, the Digital Infotel Consulting Agency, specializes in supporting internal digital transformation and supports its clients in their change management

Agile Training

Infotel sees agility as a powerful means of leveraging your company’s sustainable development.

The swift progress being made by digital technologies is creating new, more versatile and demanding consumer behaviour patterns. In response to this, Infotel has developed agile training that covers three key areas; teams, organisations and products.

Infotel offers advice, training and guidance on production projects, from strategic vision all the way through to realisation, so that innovative digital resources with high added value can be implemented.

The agile method delivers:

  • Ongoing integration
  • An iterative and incremental approach
  • Setting up of automated tests
  • Switch to 3.0 Management
  • Team coaching and ongoing improvement
  • The Kaizen approach
  • Product design workshop guidance
  • Product ownership
  • Lean start-up
  • Software craftsmanship
  • SAFe

This guidance can be introduced at any moment of the project life cycle by training teams in the initial stages in agile practices or during realisation by introducing robust methodologies enabling us to guarantee your enhanced responsiveness, efficiency and maximising your ROI.

Training in Testing

Infotel offers tailored training programmes to help business deliver in-house testing of IT projects.

Only a few years ago, testing was regarded as a costly and sometimes optional activity. Since then, it has become a compulsory component of every successful project. However, to be efficient, this activity must be organised, equipped and carried out by professionals.


As an agile coach, I work with major accounts and carry out team coaching assignments which also cover coaching techniques (TDD, ongoing integration, etc.). I also provide organisational and product team coaching (Personas, vision, story mapping, etc.).

Our 360° approach covers project methodology as well as marketing challenges where the technology used enables me to maximise the ROI of the projects I work on. I also have the flexibility to intervene at any stage of a project's advancement.

Agile coach / senior consultant
Robin Béraud-Sudreau

Testing Training Courses

  • Technical courses: learning the full command of tools to deliver the greatest possible efficiency (Selenium and Squash)
  • Method courses: learning to organise activities, manage project risks and report
  • ISTQB: certificated training accredited by the ISTQB to teach best practices to all test professionals

The Agile Training Catalogue

  • Training and ongoing support for project and product teams in agile methods (scrum / Kanban / lean)
  • Individual coaching (scrum master, product owner, manager)
  • Team coaching
  • Initialisation and leadership of practising groups; Product Owner, Scrum master and Coach
  • Facilitation: discussion, consensus, action plan and Open Space Forum
  • Definition of the methodological framework
  • Management of the agile transformation process at directorial and managerial levels
  • Agile transformation on a large scale (SAFe)
  • Product definition and game innovations